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Welcome to my personal website.

I'm Dr. Andrew Odhiambo, a dedicated Medical Oncologist with a focus on transforming cancer patients into survivors. My expertise lies in treating a wide range of cancers, including mainly gastrointestinal, liver, bile duct & pancreatic cancers. I also focus on advanced and metastatic cases of lung, breast & kidney cancer. I’am particularly specialized in managing challenging cases such as sarcomas, difficult-to-treat cancers, relapsed or refractory cancers as well as cancers of unknown primary.

With extensive experience in providing second and third opinions, I am committed to precision oncology. Utilizing next-generation sequencing, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy, I tailor treatments to each patient's unique cancer profile, offering hope and innovative care.

Currently, I serve as the Medical Oncology Program Director and Lecturer at the University of Nairobi, an Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist at Kenyatta National Hospital Cancer Unit, and a Consulting Medical Oncologist at Prime Cancercare Clinic in Nairobi. My role as the outgoing Secretary for KESHO underscores my commitment to advancing cancer care and awareness in Kenya.

Knowledge is power. I invite you to explore my section on cancer awareness and become an informed advocate against cancer. Your journey from worrier to warrior starts with understanding, and I am here to guide you every step of the way.

Connect with me through social media to join our community of hope and resilience.

Yours in health and healing,

Dr. Andrew Odhiambo

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From diagnosis to survivourship, I’m here to provide you with the expertise and support you need to navigate through your cancer diagnosis and treatment.


I partner with organizations, institutions, and individuals dedicated to advancing cancer research, training, and advocacy. Have a collaborative idea? Let's discuss how we can make a difference.


With new discoveries and treatments emerging constantly, staying ahead is vital for top-notch patient care. That's why I'm dedicated to advanced oncology training programs.

Cancer Talks

As an oncologist, I'm passionate about not only treating cancer but also empowering patients and communities with knowledge. That's why I'm open to offering cancer talks whenever called upon.

Cancer Awareness Media

Be well informed with up-to-date informative articles and videos.


  • Asante Sana Dr. ODHIAMBO. I vividly recall our dad's journey from diagnosis to treatment . These words are still on my mind " kuna kashida kadogo kwa colon but tutatatua" thats is you broke the news to him. any time dad came for his appointments he would leave the clinic all smiles . You encouraged him and this gave him hope. Though Cancer took a toll on him , and God healed him permanently ( RIP) , you played a big role you never gave up on him. In behalf of Njeru s family we say Asante and baraka tele.. bado mbuzi tutaleta.

      Sheila Njeru

  • This team lead by the Dr Odhiambo is amazing, caring, honest and extremely consistent.

      Wanjiru Murage - Mutahi

  • It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Odhiambo and his team at Prime CancerCare in caring for my Mom during her chemotherapy journey. Being a medical provider myself and practicing outside the country, I was anxious about finding the same standard of care for my Mom in Kenya. Dr. Odhiambo came highly recommended by his medical colleagues in Kenya. He is patient in answering questions and provides clear and evidence-based rationales for his choice of treatment. He is timely in his communication and you can tell he truly believes in compassionate and evidence-based care. One of the things that has been most outstanding is my Mom's reports of her interactions with Dr. Odhiambo. She has felt heard, cared for, her questions are always answered, and she has been clear about the plan of care and what is coming next even through what has been a scary diagnosis for her. I would highly recommend seeking the expertise of Dr. Odhiambo in the treatment of your loved one with cancer. Thank you so much for your exemplary care! We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

      Juliet Ochura

  • My mum was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2021. That's when we met Dr Odhiambo. He took very good care of mum. From treatments,to advices ,encouragements, prayers name it. Everything we needed he would give it to us. Even on bad days mum would say, 'Niko na uchungu lakini odhiambo ameniona ,nitapona'. Dr Odhiambo was a God given doc to my mother and for that, i'll forever be grateful. He would really make sure mum got the best treatment and in some instances we would fall short on cash and he would say, as long as you guys have money for treatment, mama atatibiwa and Dr Fees can wait! Mum unfortunately passed away,but one thing is certain. If daktari could stop it,he surely would have. Ahsante daktari. May God continue to give you wisdom,strength and knowledge to continue helping people. May you expand to other places that proper medical care is not accessible. May he also bless me to be able to give back to people fighting cancer and have no money for treatments. Asanti sana

      Jane Wanjiru

  • My cancer journey from diagnosis, treatment and the difficult moments have been made easier and bearable by Dr Andrew Odhiambo's guidance. He is always at hand to explain and alleviate fear. All the steps of treatment and side effects are explained calmly and clearly. His services are recommendable.

      Felister Wavinya

  • Positivity,fresh ideas.......that's all one needs in this journey. Thanks for making it bearable.

      Vivian Irungu

  • My experience at the centre has been amazing.Empathy and care is provided. Alot of important information is given without hesitation.The Doctor is available to answer my questions. They always endevour to give their best including referrals. I am always amazed that the Doctor or his staff will always call back when they see a missed call.And sometimes they just call to check how we are doing. For Cancer care, I feel the Centre is doing an awesome job.

      Margaret Ochieng

  • Best oncologist in town, very kind, ready to answer questions, easily reachable and down to earth. He's amazing with his patients, makes the journey more bearable for them. Keep doing your great work, you also have an amazing collection of candies, (if you've been to his office, you'll understand)

      Irene Mureithi

  • Dr. A. Odhiambo is patient, empathetic and a very good listener. Having started on treatment for our Dad, he has been so encouraging and reassuring. As a family we truly appreciate him.

      Peter Muokie

  • You probably may have wondered whether you could get the best consultant or oncologist, who not only cares about your health medical speaking but also your social well being, then Dr. Odhiambo is the right oncologist for you. I have had a chance to interact with him and truly I do say he measures up or could even surpass your expectations as he did mine. Thank you daktari for your patience and care and may God bless you.

      Hellen Arama

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