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Greetings … My name is Dr. Andrew, I am a cancer specialist and welcome to my personal website.


  1. Deputy Program Director & Lecturer - University of Nairobi.
  2. Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist - Kenyatta National Hospital Cancer Unit.
  3. Secretary - KESHO (Kenya Society of Haematology & Oncology)
  4. Consulting Medical Oncologist - Prime Cancercare Clinic - Nairobi

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Visit my section on cancer awareness and become cancer aware because knowledge is power. You can interact with me on social media links below. Turning cancer worriers into warriors.

Yours truly

Dr. Andrew Odhiambo

Medical Oncologist in Nairobi, Kenya

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  • I got my diagnosis late April 2019( large B-cell lymphoma) and was referred to Dr. Odhiambo where I started the chemo journey in May of 2019. From the first consultation I was immediately put at ease. Dr. Odhiambo explained in detail what the findings were and what to expect throughout the treatment; the number of rounds I was to go for and he answered all the queries and concerns that I had.

    I am grateful he got to be my oncologist as I believe I got the best treatment ever. I recently completed my last round of Chemo and I can say the amount of improvement is remarkable! UPDATE: Went for a scan and I'm officially in remission!! Seriously Dr. Andrew Odhiambo is the best oncologist ever. I can't thank him enough for his patience and top notch care during the duration of my illness.

      Effie Magero

  • Dr Andrew is very compassionate, friendly, good listener, engages his patients and relatives throughout the management. Dr Odhiambo people's choice, I recommend him 100%• Keep doing what you do best.

      vw karomo

  • Best oncologist in town, very kind, ready to answer questions, easily reachable and down to earth. He's amazing with his patients, makes the journey more bearable for them. Keep doing your great work, you also have an amazing collection of candies, (if you've been to his office, you'll understand)

      Irene Mureithi

  • Dr Andrew is definitely one of the most amazing Doctors i have had through my mums journey for the last 3 years.
    He is selfless and always ready to help
    I especially admire his patience and understanding for patients
    He goes out of his way even in odd hours to offer the most needed help
    I would not also forget the amazing team he works with
    I have not seen people so ready to help even amidst all sorts of difficulties
    I would definitely recommend Dr Andrew for anyone having a Cancer patient
    His service is definitely worth
    Keep up the good job Doc

      puritytoto huha1990